Bombay-Style Pizza In NE Philly

Indian pizza is one of our guilty pleasures. Bred in the corner pizzerias of Jackson Heights, Queens, it’s a spicy fusion of pizza topped with cheese, masala powder, onions and lots of hot peppers. Mouth-searingly delicious? Hells yeah.

We first noted its arrival in Philadelphia back in January, when we found “Bombay-style Pizza” on the menu of Great Northeast joint Royal Pizza. Now we’re equally pleased to have found, thanks to our latest Northeast Philly menu runs, that it’s also on the menu at Villagio Pizza and Salvito’s Pizza Palace. Northeast Philly pizza has officially gotten arond 10,000x tastier.

Royal Pizza [MenuPages]

Villagio Pizza [MenuPages]

Salvito’s Pizza Palace [MenuPages]

[Image via Heckasac]


Bombay-Style Pizza In NE Philly