Blogger Got Booted From Lucali for Jay-Z and Beyoncé

99 problems and a seat ain't one.
99 problems and a seat ain’t one. Photo: WireImage

Yesterday in Mediavore we linked to a New Yorker story about Jay-Z and Beyoncé dropping into Lucali. Owner Mark Iacono apparently apologized to four waiting patrons: “They didn’t even tell me they were coming! Usually they tell me first.” Jane McGivney, who writes the Huffington Post’s Top Chef blog, happened to be there, and she e-mails to tell us a different story.

I was actually sitting at the table [Iacono] gave to Beyonce and Jay-Z. His whole bit about how he didn’t know they were coming was extremely annoying, because actually he kicked us out so they could have our table, right next to him.

It was actually the rudest thing that’s ever happened to me in a restaurant in New York. He asked us to eat as fast as possible and leave…as he put down our entrees! He did this 1/2 hour before they showed up, so he knew they were coming. When we expressed that it’s kind of rude to put down an entree and tell your diner to eat and leave as quickly as possible (especially because other tables had been there longer), he said “Something came up! I’ve got a situation! I need this table. I’ll pay for your dinner.” Thanks! We left into the cold night raging about our ruined birthday dinner. I couldn’t tell if it was sexist because we were three girls and he thought we’d meekly trot off, or he just wanted our table because it was right next to his. But the whole thing was insane.

Hov, if you’re reading this, you might want to have your “Presidential-caliber motorcade” deliver some hot pies to Jane’s apartment.

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Blogger Got Booted From Lucali for Jay-Z and Beyoncé