Blog Reviews: Week Of 1960s Schlitz Rising From The Grave!

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Bucktown gastropub Bluebird gets the smackdown for alternatively bland and overspiced dishes [Drive-Thru]

• First word on the Cincinnati-themed bar Cinner’s Cincinnati-style chili - “good” [Hungry Mag]

• “The Mess” at Costello Sandwiches is salami, ham and capicola topped with cole slaw and fries, but the real story is the review itself, in poetic form! [Chicagoist]

• Classic Wrigleyville bakery Dinkel’s still doing its thing — and doing it well — all these years on [Drive-Thru]

• Mike Nagrant lists a few of his favorite things, including the Philly cheesesteaks at Granddaddy’s Subs on Taylor Street and the crispy tacos at Mexican Inn on the Southeast Side [Hungry Mag]

• If you don’t order a cocktail at Room 21, they’ll screw up your order on purpose! Or…maybe not, but also, the food reminded the reviewer of a “hotel buffet line” [Gastronomic Bypass]

• At Chicago’s only Laotian restaurant, Sabai-Dee, skip the buffet and order off the menu. For example, the shredded chicken curry noodle soup [Chicago Foodies]

• The Lincoln Park Sushi X is less trendy than it’s Ukie Village sister, and BYO for the moment [Gastronomic Bypass]

[Photo: Schlitz’s reformulation marketing campaign, which highlights the use of the beer’s 1960s recipe. The ad campaign intones, “Gusto is being correct rather than politically correct” and “Gusto is still having a phone that rings, not sings,” and “Gusto is believing a firm handshake is the best form of contract,” and “Gusto is not even knowing the meaning of the term ‘metrosexual.’” Ah, yes, nostalgia for the time when middle-aged white men ran the country, the corporations and the culture. Long sigh.]


Blog Reviews: Week Of 1960s Schlitz Rising From The Grave!