Best Place For Hot Cakes

As much as egg white omelets and soy sausage make the waistline happy, sometimes we just need some pancakes. While San Francisco is rife with restaurants that serve hot cakes, here are our favorite spots to enjoy a short stack:

Sears Fine Food: A San Francisco institution known for their “Famous Little Pancakes.” Here we can get 18 small Swedish pancakes topped with whipped butter and as much warm maple syrup as we care to pour.

Zazie: They have a great menu, breakfast or not, but they really go the extra mile when it comes to pancakes. First off, the fact that we can get gingerbread pancakes here year round is a major bonus, but we think the Zazie “Miracle Pancake” is the way to go. Vanilla, ricotta cheese and homemade lemon curd make these cakes extra special (fresh strawberries top it off when in season).

Kate’s Kitchen: These pancakes ain’t got nothing to do with Aunt Jemima—the stacks are beyond generous and we like to top ‘em with fresh fruit when butter and syrup aren’t working out for us. To keep things interesting, we highly recommend the cornmeal pancakes and a round of hushpuppies to start.

IHOP: Sometimes we want pancakes when we want them. And whether it’s 3 o’clock in afternoon or 3 o’clock in the morning, IHOP will meet all of our pancake needs no matter what time of day. Open 24 hours, we may not find a ricotta-blend batter here, but while we decide between chocolate chip and double blueberry pancakes, we get to try to fight the urge to order the “Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity” special.

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Photo:By Cocoa Frosted Flakes [Flickr]

Best Place For Hot Cakes