Best Of MenuPages Reviews: What New Yorkers Like

For some reason, we got a bunch of reviews this past week from once and future New Yorkers raving about their favorite Chicago restaurants. And it’s a really odd assortment! Observe:

• User: “Kompare” | Title: “Gotta Try It!” | 4/10 | Chuck’s Pizza:

I have been eating this pizza for 25 years! I now live 2 hours away and drive in multiple times a year an pick up as many as my freezer can handle. No it’s not a family dining or a sports bar, but it IS the best pizza I have come accross. If bambinos in new york is a 5 chucks is a 10. Hands down! Fox’s is a good pizza, Rossi’s is a good pizza, but I still remain loyal! If you have not tried it, DO.

Bambino’s in New York is a really weird name check; definitely not one of the famous places. Then again, neither is Chuck’s. But anyway, we love how many fantastic pizza restaurants there are in Beverly, specifically.

• User: “New York Girl” | Title: “Happy With Happy!” | 4/13 | Happy Cafe:

I have lived in NY for the last 4 years but whenever I come back to Chicago we hit Chinatown for my dose of Happy Cafe. If you are looking for ambiance you are looking in the wrong place, however, if you are looking great down home Chinese fare look no further! It is further down Wentworth than most people venture but it is definitely worth the few extra blocks. I highly recommend the dul mui (pea pod shoots) as your green veggie and the Peking style pork chops. You will thank me later. :)

A Chinese restaurant that does vegetables well is generally a keeper. We appreciate anything not from a frozen bag.

• User: “I’m Hungry” | Title: “Rating the Burger” | 4/15 | Weber Grill:

Its is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I am from NYC just moved to Chicago. My friends all say the same thing, go to Weber’s for the burger, its amazing. I agree, the burger was juicey, big, cooked perfectly, and the meat tasted really fresh. I am only rating this place on their burger. I will definately go back for this reason.

Weber Grill doesn’t make too many best-burgers-in-Chicago lists, but to each his own. Doesn’t look half bad…

[Photo: brady frequent traveler and eater/flickr]


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: What New Yorkers Like