Beer + Shrimp = Heaven

We’re taking a vacation in Mexico this week — Mazatlan, to be exact — and thought we’d share a few photos of what we’ll be consuming. These are all from other people’s Flickr photostreams, but they give you a good idea of what’s going down the gullet in the Pearl of the Pacific.

There will definitely be plenty of these:

Photo: Jollyroger05
Shrimp abounds in the waters near Mazatlan and is huge, cheap and soooo good.

It’s especially delicious with a couple of these:

Photo: The Blissful Glutton [Flickr]
Order local brew Pacifico “michelada” and you’ll get it served with a chilled glass with lime juice, salt and chili powder. It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

More jealousy-inducing photos after the jump:

You have to be careful of the dangerous and apparently cannibalistic wildlife:

Photo: Wha’appen

But seafood in Mexico isn’t always cooked. Just throw some lime juice on there, marinate and you’ve got a wonderful ceviche:

Photo: mira_photo

You don’t always have to eat seafood in Mazatlan. These people got to go to a party back in 1986 that included puerco, a whole roast pig (though they do still make this today). Check the classic apple in the mouth of the dinner and the extra-classic sta-prest pants on the diner.

Photo: Larry&Flo;

If you need a bite on the run, you can stop by a taco stand for a snack that will likely cost less than a dollar and taste a million times better than almost any fast food in the U.S.

Photo: Strange Bird

Finally, for dessert or maybe breakfast, there’s got to be a stop at the Panederia. These pan dulces are super good and not too sweet:

Photo: MaryAnnS

There’s just barely time to catch the last rays over the Pacific. Awesome:

Photo: Cassadota

Beer + Shrimp = Heaven