Bauer’s Big List

Well, the results are in and the whining has begun. Michael Bauer has published his annual list of the Bay Area’s top 100 restaurants, and some exceptions and additions have caused much discussion on his blog as well as forums such as Yelp and Chowhound (where Robert Lauriston, SF Weekly critic, got the discussion going).

We certainly don’t envy Bauer his monumental annual task, and while we don’t agree with all his choices (really? Not a single Mexican restaurant? Not even your dubious regular La Taqueria?), we do respect his final list. It’s a solid, if subjective, roundup.

We’ve also got to hand it to Bauer for dashing off a couple sentences of explanation regarding each cut. Some had closed, some had slipped in quality and some had been edged out, but he did explain himself, which he didn’t have to do.

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Bauer’s Big List