April Fools’ Day Infects the Blogosphere

Guest of a Guest's Holly Golightly?
Guest of a Guest’s Holly Golightly? Photo: Courtesy of Down by the Hipster

Yesterday brought the usual slew of April Fools’ pranks. In the food blogosphere, Carol Blymire reprinted a supposed letter from Thomas Keller’s attorneys in which they demanded she shut down French Laundry at Home, on which she chronicles her attempt to cook every recipe in The French Laundry Cookbook. Their objections range from cruel and unusual punishment of produce, to recommending REO Speedwagon as music to cook by.

Down by the Hipster went back on a previous promise not to out the identity of glamor blogger Guest of a Guest (turns out she’s Jenny Witherspoon, a Purdue grad who majored in environmental engineering) and posted a spot-on spoof interview with Steve Lewis, in which the nightlife guru rambles about his heyday in typical fashion. (“When I was running Life, I was doing everything, the door, the music, the design, making drinks, hailing cabs, blogging, the servers, and dancing.”)

Two posts that were not April Fool’s Day jokes: The Voice’s blog, Fork in the Road, is on a week’s hiatus for unknown reasons, and Slate Salon publishes what author Alex Koppelman described as “a paean to the real Gordon Ramsay, the chef behind the facade. An ode to the Ramsay who isn’t a total dick.” Um, gotcha?

April Fools’ Day Infects the Blogosphere