April Foods’ Day!

Today is the only day besides Halloween when we purposefully make our food appear to be something that it’s not. Ironically, unlike on Halloween, April Foods deceptions are actually intended to “trick” the targets rather than simply gross them out. Since the attempts usually aren’t that convincing, we settle for mild amusement. To whit:

• “Grilled cheese sandwiches” by seachelle323:

Actually, pound cake and frosting. Psyche! Extra points for the misdirecting toast marks on the “bread.”

• “Dessert sushi” by Dot D:

It’s all made out of candy! Our stars. Adorable.

Many more appetizing simulacra await you after the jump…

• “Spaghetti & meatballs” by deb33:

Looks like…bon bons, Cool Whip, cherry sauce and green spinkles. A bit DIY, but still thoughtful.

• “Fish sticks” by Karrie20:

Karrie20’s description of her creation:

“Fish sticks” (Twix bars rolled in toasted coconut), “Mashed potatoes with gravy” (Vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup), peas & carrots (Peanut butter cereal dipped in green candy melts and small caramel pieces dipped in orange candy melts.)

Very clever.

• “Meatloaf cupcakes” by whisperawish:

We’ve seen the pound cake/grilled cheese meme before, but the meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting are a nice inversion of the traditional savory-for-sweet dynamic

• “Poo cupcake” by traoki/flickr:

Does this look like diarrhea to you? Us either. The raisin and marshmallows on top are supposed to represent a fly investigating the pile. Sorry, too abstract!

• “Spilled coffee” by Zeroth57:

Apparently, this woman’s kids “spent an hour mixing acrylic paints” to recreate the appearance of spilled coffee. That’s so much worse than spilling coffee! How Dadaist, sort of!

• “Poissons d’Avril” by rubykhan:

This one takes a bit of explaining. Poisson d’Avril, or “April Fish,” is France’s version of April Fool’s Day for a variety of reasons that the aforelinked website goes into (example: fish are gullible). Suffice it to say, these are a good deal more entertaining than chocolate bunnies for Easter, and have at least as much provenance.

Another kind of April Foods joke we’ve encountered takes the form of offering someone something spoiled; we think this is more April Cruel than April Fool, and do not condone it.

And remember, the best time to do an April Foods joke is some random day in August. They’ll never see it coming!

[Photos: flickr]

April Foods’ Day!