And the Winner in the Patsy’s-vs.-Patsy’s Suit Is … Patsy’s

In case you haven’t been following the case, two stalwarts of the red-sauce scene have been going at it hammer and tongs for the right to the Patsy’s name. In one corner was the franchised pizzeria, originating in East Harlem; in the other, the midtown eatery where Frank Sinatra used to go to eat his veal cutlets. Well, the jury released its verdict yesterday … and nobody knows what the hell it means. According to the story in the New York Post, pizza Patsy’s had the name first, but midtown Patsy’s is hurt by the use of the name. But nobody has to do anything until another ruling in August. Color us confused. The only comment in the whole story that makes any sense comes from a customer at the midtown Patsy’s: “The other place may have the name, but not the meatballs.” Amen.

Split ‘P’ Soup [NYP]

And the Winner in the Patsy’s-vs.-Patsy’s Suit Is …