A Gentle Reminder

It’s April 15th. Isn’t there something we need to do on April 15th? It’s right on the tip of our tongue…TAXES! Be sure to file your taxes!

Then, be sure to reward yourself. Number crunching can make one thirsty. May we suggest you leave the house and…

Celebrate your civic duty at the People’s Republik in Cambridge. Focus on the fact that the check you just wrote to the feds isn’t half as high as Marx and Engels would have suggested while sipping a Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA or the Magic Hat offering of your choosing.

Enjoy your Lifelong Learning credit with your fellow students at The Publick House. Try the Fin du Monde on tap, a Rauchbier, or the most difficult to pronounce beer on their extensive list. Just make sure you balance it out with a hearty sandwich – maybe the Smuttynose Chicken, marinated in New England’s popular IPA, fruit juice, and garlic.

Escape the memory of adjusted gross income, and picture yourself in Manila. Try a super-exotic lychee martini at Pho Republique in the South End.

Can’t decide? At least head to Dunkin’ Donuts for Tax Day relief. Buy a coffee, and they’ll give you a free donut!

The Publick House [MenuPages]
Pho Republique [Official Site]
Dunkin’ Donuts [Official Site]

[Photo: The Illustrated Librarian]

A Gentle Reminder