Bye-bye, Bottled Water; Cheyenne Diner Closed

Au revoir, Evian: Restaurants like Gemma and the Waverly Inn — not to mention banks, hotels, and just about everyone else — are banning bottled water. [NYP]
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• Gossip columnist Cindy Adams appeared in court on Friday as a witness in the Patsy’s-vs.-Patsy’s trial to pledge her loyalty to the midtown restaurant. [NYP]

• The Cheyenne Diner closed last night, with some of its most loyal customers sitting down for a nostalgic last meal. [NYDN]
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Manna’s Soul Food Restaurant was supposed to be shut down by February 1, but the owners refuse to leave. [NYP]

• Sara Moulton’s new cooking show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, premieres on PBS tonight. [NYDN]

• Egg whites are all the craze in the cocktail world these days. [NYT]

• Coming in June to U.S. shores: Red Bull Cola. [WSJ]

• Molecular gastronomy has made its way to Moscow, where chef Anatoly Komm says, “What we do here is like neurosurgery.” [WSJ]

Bye-bye, Bottled Water; Cheyenne Diner Closed