Your Pizza’s Getting More Expensive

Pizzeria owners are in arms over rising ingredient prices that are causing their business to decline. Not only that, but they’re (ah hells no) raising prices:

Pete Mavroudis, owner of Apollo’s Family Pizzeria in Bensalem, is feeling the economy’s squeeze from all sides. The rising price of gasoline is making deliveries more expensive. The cost of his biggest ingredient - flour for the crust - is going up even faster than oil prices. And newly cost-conscious customers have cut back their orders 15 percent to 20 percent. This week, Mavroudis threw away 5,000 menus that offered 16-inch pizza for $8.50 and replaced them with new models that raised the price 50 cents. He also raised the delivery fee from $1 to $1.50. “Everything is killing the little people,” he said in frustration.

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[Image via Inquirer]


Your Pizza’s Getting More Expensive