Viewing Pleasure: Croque Madame @ Sixteen

This Croque Madame from Sixteen (which, by the way, was incorrectly spelled “Croque Madam” on the menu they emailed us) is as billed - a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.

Want to know how much they charge for it?

FIFTEEN DOLLARS. We are not offended by much, price-wise, but come on. $15? You can sprinkle it with as much thyme and paprika or whatever as you want, but it’s still a pretty anemic-looking platter for what would also buy all-you-can-eat Indian buffet for two at Sher-A-Punjab, for all intents and purposes. The photographer, dane brian, captioned his photo with, “pretty pretty good.. the fried egg was a little much, but it was still great.” We say, a single egg is a pittance for the money; and doesn’t the whole thing come off as looking a little dry and sad? Compare to what is, admittedly, the most appetizing Croque Madame we’ve ever seen, just under $13 from Green Grocer in Melbourne, Australia:

Now are you offended? Good. Obviously you’re paying for the sixteenth floor view and the Trump power trip, and there are lighting issues with the photography, but still, we are not impressed.

Sixteen [MenuPages]
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[Photos: Croques Madames at Sixteen (dane brian/flickr) and Green Grocer (Wodetzki/flickr)]


Viewing Pleasure: Croque Madame @ Sixteen