Umami Food and Art Fest Will Blow Your Mind, Kitchen

Come experience…Umami.
Come experience…Umami. Photo: Yoav Raban

When we first heard about Umami Food and Art Festival, “a meeting ground to people who use food as a medium and who present their audience with a multi-sensory experience in the dining room or gallery space,” our first thought was: Will Goldfarb has to be involved with this. And, sure enough, the cake whiz with the city’s most inexhaustible line of high-concept patter is a panelist. Other activities at the ten-day “food and art festival” sound equally high-concept and fun. Our favorites are below; get your tickets soon.

Composer Fast Forward is well known for including kitchen paraphernalia in his performances, but to date he has never gone ‘all the way’. That is about to change for the Umami Festival where he will unleash the world premiere of Musique a’la Mode, a concert in which ALL his instruments will be derived from the common day kitchen. Pots, pans, bowls, cutlery, food, liquids and more will be part of the battery for this sonic culinarian’s concert. It could change your entire approach to home cooking.

Help us make Orphic Memory Sausages!
Bring anything that evokes a memory of place or time or experience that you wish to transform into sausage — a souvenir that can be chopped up into tiny pieces — an old CD or cassette tape, a cracked plate, a worn-out article of clothing, a broken chair, an old shoe, a bouquet of wilted flowers, a diary, a telephone book, photographs of old lovers, harvested hay, dried fish, yesterday’s newspaper, a painting, an obsolete appliance, a dead computer, hair from a haircut, a stuffed toy, etc…and together we will smash, chop and pulverize everything, mixing all of it into a great pulp to be stuffed into pig intestines and hung to dry or perhaps even smoked. Everyone will thus be able to take home a link of collective memory sausage at the end of the day.

Umami Food and Art Festival [Official site]
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Umami Food and Art Fest Will Blow Your Mind, Kitchen