Tony Luke’s: Worth Driving From DC For

Philly’s most unlikely tourist destination, Tony Luke’s, just got some more love from an equally unlikely source — the Washington Post.

The WaPo’s Tim Warren made the I-95 trip north to sample the goods:

The meat is a ham that has been slow-roasted for eight hours. Once cooked, it doesn’t rest in its juices; “that makes it dry and stringy,” Tony says. The provolone is not your usual fare: “We’re talking about a very hard, sharp cheese, with some snap.” As for the greens, broccoli rabe gives bite, as it were, to the sandwich; spinach is milder. You can order pork sandwiches without greens at sub places, but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want that interplay of ingredients.

And the bread, so important in any Philly sub, must be soft on the inside but crispy on the outside, to hold the cup of juices that is added when the sub is made.

Yeah, we love those sandwiches too.

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Tony Luke’s: Worth Driving From DC For