Tony Luke’s New Movie

The last time we wrote about Tony Luke’s was… four days ago. But it’s not just because Philadelphians love their roast pork and chicken cutlet italianos.

Proprietor Tony Luke Jr. is starring in an indie film about boxing:

Northeast/Trenton-raised Leo Rossi is producing and co-starring in the picture, written by Jason Noto and directed by James Quattrochi. Luke has slimmed down considerably recently, but has not been able to work out for a few weeks due to surgery on a deviated septum. Luke, who has appeared in “10th & Wolf,” and “Invincible,” has a background in boxing and karate and feels he’ll be able to pull off playing fighter Joey “The Nail” Nardone, who is trying to rebuild his life after being released from prison.

Rossi, who plays Luke’s trainer in the film, just produced “Wisegal,” a Lifetime original movie that stars Alyssa Milano and James Caan. It airs at 9 tonight. Rossi worked with Milano in “Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story,” a 1993 television movie.

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Tony Luke’s New Movie