Time Out Chicago & Tribune: South Loop Wine Shops, Indian Buffet Dining

Time Out redesigned their site since last week - it’s much more web 2.0, but slightly harder to tell if we’ve seen the totality of what’s new each week. Then again, our needs are somewhat out of step with the dining public’s…

• David Tamarkin goes in search of a bottle of 1972 Chateau Haut-Brion from four new South Loop wine stores. He gets closest to finding his quarry at Binny’s, but they only have recent vintages. If you’re interested, you can purchase the bottle online at Evinité for 319.00€ ex-VAT, or just about half a grand. Bottoms up! [TOC]

• Tamarkin reports on a much more accessible wine product: a sample pack of seven wines with which to create your own blends. For $120, it’d make an excellent Easter/Passover present for your favorite wino [TOC]

• Harissa is hot right now, especially at sophisticated New American restaurants [TOC]

On the Tribune side…

• Fauzia Arain has an article on how to navigate Indian buffets, subtitled “Curry 101,” but its contents read more like a remedial high school course. The intended audience is laid bare when the article concludes with a selection of Indian buffets that’s largely suburban. Then again, if it gets one fat guy out of Old Country Buffet and into Sher-A-Punjab, it will have done a good thing. [Tribune]

• Trine Tsouderos rounds up some St Pat’s Day traditional food options. Apologies for our ignorance; we hadn’t even heard of boxty or colcannon! [Tribune]

As for reviews…

• Phil Vettel goes to Lockwood at the Palmer House Hilton and really loves it. This is a departure from the tepid reviews of months past; maybe there’s been a legitimate improvement in food and service? [Tribune]

• David Tamarkin samples the Persian food at Masouleh, and finds it to be a cut above. Could it be a competitor for crowd favorite Noon O Kabab? Only time will tell [TOC]

Lockwood [MenuPages]
Lockwood [Official Site]

Masouleh [MenuPages]

[Photo: ah, boxty, of course. Irish potato bread, if the imagery wasn’t obvious enough. HyperBob]


Time Out Chicago & Tribune: South Loop Wine Shops, Indian Buffet Dining