Three Days Of St. Patty’s

Here in Boston, we do St. Patrick’s Day right. We have parades, more Guinness than should be found in any one city, and even Evacuation Day, a holiday with a somewhat dubious official justification that we’re pretty sure just exists to give hungover Bostonians a day off. In other cities, St. Patty’s festivities might just happen on Monday night. Here in Boston, however, we’ve found three days of festivities that would leave other cities green with envy (ha HA!).

Saturday, March 15: Generally speaking, we’re not much interested in darkening the tourist-filled doorway of Cheers, but all our reservations fall away when they’re hosting something as awesome as karaoke accompanied by green beer and corned beef and cabbage. The singalong fun will be happening from 9pm to closing time.

Sunday, March 16: It’s not too often that St. Patrick’s Day and Easter fall so close together as they do this year and Om is taking full advantage of the coincidence with their 10pm Easter/St. Patrick’s Day Egg Hunt. Admission is free and a portion of drink proceeds will go to the New England Home for Little Wanderers.

Monday, March 17: Monday is, of course, the big day itself. The Beehive is going big with a Bee Irish party from 5pm-2am featuring Irish music and food and oh, so much Guinness. So very much Guinness.

Cheers [Official Site]
Om [Official Site]
Beehive [Official Site]

[Photo: Flickr: MattJhsn]


Three Days Of St. Patty’s