The Ultimate in Pizza Friday

No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard of this legendary Brooklyn pizza joint known as Di Fara’s. If you haven’t, welcome to the big leagues, pizza lovers!

Brooklyn is, by many accounts, the nation’s pizza capital (sorry Chicago. It kind of is). And Di Fara’s is, by many of those same accounts, the best pizzeria in Brooklyn. So logic dictates that Di Fara’s is the best pizzeria in the nation. At least by many accounts.

And many of those accountable for this opinion weighed in on an Epi-Log poll and voted Di Fara’s the best on the East Coast. The result? We get a virtual photo-walk-through of the process of making a Di Fara’s pizza. Not surprisingly, it all has to do with one dedicated pizza master. According to Epi, Domenico Di Fara’s recipe for quite possibly the best pizza on earth boils down to this:

“I use only the freshest ingredients, the bufala mozzarella from the town I grew up in, the oregano and basil from Israel, tomatoes from Salerno, flour from Italy,” he says with a smile. “That’s the secret recipe.”

Here’s a shot of the finished product from the series currently up on Epi Log. You’ll have to click over there for the rest of the process.

Secrets of Di Fara Pizza [Epi Log]
Photo credit: Michael Y. Park [Epi Log]


The Ultimate in Pizza Friday