The Reviews Digested, 3/21/08

Your weekly Boston restaurant review roundup, in convenient haiku form!

Dig visits Austin,
tries BBQ brisket, beer,
and lots of street food.

Nadeau’s at Grezzo,
finds fabulous, if strange, food
that chefs just might steal.

MC Slim JB
tries Newton’s Farm Grill, loves it.
Gyros are damn good.

is just alright, finds the Globe.
Location trumps food.

Cheap Eats at Gitlo,
some say the Hub’s best dim sum.
Hell yeah, it sure is!

Sauce: Persephone
is a good sign for Fort Point,
but sort of pricey.

Beehive gets a C
from Herald. Hype has calmed down,
but food makes “stumbles.”

Canto 6 canneles
are like tiny creme brulees.
Fifty cents? Awesome.


The Reviews Digested, 3/21/08