Ilan Hall to Open Tapas Truck in L.A.; Chefs Keep on Blogging

Top Chef champ Ilan Hall’s rumored L.A project is now a restaurant truck that serves tapas and has a foldout bar. [MSNBC]
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The president of Westland/Hallmark Meat Co., the California beef company responsible for the largest meat recall in American history, acknowledged yesterday the illegal slaughter of sick cows at his plant after a congressional panel forced him to watch the undercover video depicting the abuse. [WSJ]

Chefs’ blogs keep getting better and better, and there are increasingly more and more of them. At what point are they all just going to leave the kitchen and become full-time bloggers? [LAT]

Blind Tiger, Pacific Standard, and Southpaw are among the bars where you can order a pint of the new microbrew Hop Obama, which is in no way affiliated with the senator’s presidential campaign. [Zagat Buzz]

Another victory for foie gras lovers: The Maryland legislature has just dropped plans to ban it in the state, not that it would make much of a difference. [Insatiable Critic]

The $1.5 million bill for the produce carts that will soon be popping up in the city’s poorest neighborhood is being footed by a private donor. [NYDN]

Ilan Hall to Open Tapas Truck in L.A.; Chefs Keep on Blogging