The Master Of The Insides Steps Out

This is fun: local ambassador of innards, offal agent and all-around gutsy chef Chris Cosentino ventured outside the kitchen at Incanto to do an all-offal meal in New York City. While there, NYC blogger and Food Network web personality Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet, sat on the receiving end of that dinner and weighed in on the experience of eating raw venison liver:

I’m not grossed out by liver, I’m not grossed out by steak tartare, but, call me crazy, the texture of raw liver is not very appetizing. It feels exactly like you’d expect it to feel like chomping through a raw liver: wet, slimy, tough. Blech. I’m getting sick just writing about it….

Yeah, that does sound kind of gross. But much of Cosentino’s work, which you can see on his website, looks pretty good. That tuna dish especially seems like a treat. Fortunately for the squeamish, Incanto serves mostly traditional cuts of meat, but they do sling a fair amount of offal, and now we’re desperately curious to try it. Preferably cooked.

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The Master Of The Insides Steps Out