The food Sections Over Coffee

Okay, welcome to the new, all-encompassing food section roundup. Due to some scheduling changes around MP headquarters, we’re lumping all the food sections into one post for you to digest over your afternoon joe. Hope you brewed a big pot.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

This week’s lead story looks at the trend of more “adult” restaurants featuring kids’ menus. [Kids’ menus grow up]

Amanda Gold gives Pacific Catch two stars [Dining Out: San Francisco’s Pacific Catch reels in families]

And Michael Bauer gives Baraka two and a half stars [Dining Update: Potrero Hill’s Baraka maintains its allure]

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian

Paul Reidinger goes gaga for SPQR [When in Rome …]

Ailene Sankur really digs Fune Ya [Saved By The Sushi Boat]

And Reidinger meditates on wild fennel [The Republic of Fennel]

Finally, from the San Francisco Weekly

Meredith Brody takes a mini-tour of some of the city’s sandwicheries [What Comes Between]

The food Sections Over Coffee