The Chronicle And Weeklies Over Coffee

Wow, hope you got yourself a double. This is a big one. Due to aforementioned internal shakeups, we’re experimenting with condensing our two Wednesday food section roundups into one feature. See if this works for you:

From the San Francisco Chronicle

Spring is here, and that means confusing menu planning. [Soups & salads make the perfect seasonal dinners]

On a return visit, Michael Bauer gives Michael Mina“>Michael Mina four stars. Four. Dang. [Dining Update: Michael Mina enters four-star galaxy]

For those who really like to get up in there, we get a feature on tripe. [Tripe lovers reveal their offal secrets]

And the tasting panel unenthusiastically picked Safeway frozen garlic bread as the best of a bad lot. [Taster’s Choice]

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger hesitantly approves of Pacific Catch . [The Filling Station, Continued]

Jon Beckhardt finds himself unimpressed with the Slow Beer Festival [Falling Flat]

Reidinger comes to the defense of white wines. [White Made Right]

And at the SF Weekly (whew):

Robert Lauriston takes a little tour of specialty Korean restaurants. [Specialist Referrals]

The Chronicle And Weeklies Over Coffee