The Buzz: Restaurant Week

Boston Restaurant Weeks are behind us now and shan’t return until the summer. Several restaurants are extending their deals, but for the rest, all we can do is look back and reflect. Predictably, Chowhound has been providing ample commentary on the various Restaurant Week menus. Below, a few highlights.

The Good: ‘Hounder gini thought that dante was “one of the most enjoyable RW experiences I’ve had in the past few years”, an opinion echoed by a majority of the thread’s posters. Atos singled out Pigalle as “fantastic, great service.” Olives won near-universal raves and, although Masa was chided for offering a reduced menu at Sunday lunch, ‘hound Aphex thought it was “one of the best meals I’ve had in Boston.”

The Bad: Rialto was called out for undercooked risotto and skimpy portions. Very sad, as we love Rialto like crazy.

The Decidedly Mixed: Sibling Rivalry was either excellent or just alright, depending on who you ask. Rocca may have sent out some lukewarm dishes, but lots of Chowhounders thought it was fun nonetheless.

What about you? Where did you go for Restaurant Weeks?

[Photo: Fish stew at Rocca, Flickr: kamico]


The Buzz: Restaurant Week