The Best Of The Best?

[Above: a classic from Royale, best old-school burger in New York]

This list published in the UK’s Guardian is ambitious, to say the least. In 10 cities worldwide, it attempts to pinpoint the best spot for the most famous cuisine, such as pizza in Naples and sushi in Tokyo. Wow. Seems unlikely they could do it, but they use local experts and seem to have a good handle on the scene in each city.

Our bet is that while most of the places listed are likely not the unanimous choice for the very best in their league, they’re probably as good as you can hope for if you’re just passing through a city on vacation. However, now that they’ve made the list, will they stay as good or as fun to visit as they were? Will hordes of British tourists pack L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples any more than they had before?

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the city on your own and use that recommendation as a back-up. That’s the good thing about guides like this. They’re just suggestions. And it’s sure fun to read in the meantime.

Globe Troughing [Guardian UK]
Royale [MenuPages]

Photo Credit: Benzamg [Flickr]

The Best Of The Best?