The Beeramid: Voting Is On!

Round 2 of voting in the Citypaper’s Beeramid is now on.

Current results as of Wednesday, 1pm:

Appalachian Brewing Company Jolly Scot Scottish Ale is leading Manayunk Brewery Schuylkill Punch by 299 - 267.

Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout is outgunned by Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel. It’s a 290 - 276 competition.

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale is beating Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady 292 - 272.

Nodding Head Grog is freakin’ beating Victory Hop Devil by 464-102.

Now go ahead and vote, you lushes. Round two ends on Friday.

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The Beeramid: Voting Is On!