Sun-Times & Tribune: Spring Has Sprung A Leak

First, an oddity. We saw Carol Haddix’s article about Strozzapreti, or “priest strangler,” pasta, and thought it looked awfully familiar. And then it hit us: it was in last week’s food section, too! Oh, sure, they changed some of the formatting, adding bolds, taking away italics, hyperlinking things and so forth, but…did they think we wouldn’t notice? All we do is look out for this sh*t! We dream about minor web publishing errors all night long, and wake up and run to the computer and slobber over the tiny mistakes that hard-working, well-meaning and perpetually exhausted writers and editors make. It is our MANNA. So thank you, Tribune, for tickling that primitive but vicious part of our brain.

Anyway, both the Sun-Times and the Tribune have OMG-it’s-finally-almost-Spring! themes to their efforts today. Let’s go through them:

• Greenhouses run by former convicts in Englewood? Spring really is here! [Sun-Times]

• Everyone is buying local lamb for Easter this year. Totally ethical. (Interesting factoid: Americans only eat 12 oz of lamb a year. Their loss!) [Tribune]

• When you buy your lamb at the farmer’s market, some questions to ask [Tribune]

• But if you buy it at the supermarket, at least there are fancy new cuts available [Tribune]

• Also, if you don’t make lamb for Easter, Carrie Nahabedian of Naha is going to cry [Sun-Times]

• Don’t worry! Bill Daley has for you some delicious lamb wine pairings [Tribune]

• You know when we normally eat lamb? With hummus. Store brands, ranked [Tribune]

Other things of import, from the Sun-Times: crepes, cakes (by the way, has the Sun-Times interviewed every single female baker in Chicago? It’s like once a week, no joke), and everything you need to know about new cooking equipment. Highlights include an improbable 5-in-1 egg slicer. Will wonders never cease!

Naha [MenuPages]
Naha [Official Site]

[Photo: lamb in cubism at Alinea, by biskuit/flickr]


Sun-Times & Tribune: Spring Has Sprung A Leak