Sixteen Update: Lunch Service Begins Today

Sixteen has completed its meal rollout with the institution of lunch service today way up in the air at the Trump International Hotel. A brave new world! So, what’s available?

Well, if you’re in the mood for a sandwich, you’ll be hard-pressed to walk away for under $17. That’s rather considerable, and it only goes up from there. If $17 only buys you a veggie burger (with grilled portobello mushrooms and organic tomatoes [big whoop]), and $21 buys you a merely open-faced halibut on brioche, you may as well go whole hog and spend $23 on the lobster roll. For what it’s worth, these sandwiches all come with relatively exotic gaufette, or superthin waffle, fries.

We feel the slightly more appealing part of the lunch menu are in the soup and salad families - have you ever heard of red lentil soup with smoked bacon broth and pop rock shrimp? Not exactly Halal, but who’s counting. Perhaps you, when you realize it’s $12 a bowl. As for the salads, we’re mystified that marinated tiger shrimp with hearts of palm and dried cherries is the same price ($14) as mixed greens with roasted red peppers and goat cheese, but we know which we’d pick.

So far, Yelpers seem to be giving the place the benefit of the doubt because of the view (as seen above). Will this hold true in the daytime? We welcome your appraisals.

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Sixteen Update: Lunch Service Begins Today