Sixteen @ Trump Lunch Launch Pushed Back to March 10th

The headline pretty much says it all. Sixteen was supposed to start serving lunch today, and now it’s next Monday. Oh well! Also in the news, Kevin has closed. Well, heavens, where will your midday meal come from, then?

Perhaps the Shikami brothers’ other venture, Shikago, can be of assistance in this regard. The Asian fusion restaurant offers distinct menus for dine-in and take out lunch, each chock full of tantalizing dishes. If you’re in a hurry, try the roasted Chinese organic pork sandwich with mango, chili, lettuce,
sriracha sauce, pickled cabbage, herbs and special sauce, which is served with a choice of potato salad, mixed green salad, vegetable or rice crackers for $7.49.

If you have a little more time, take a seat and upgrade to the sauteed Berkshire pork tenderloin and Chinese braised pork belly in honey, five spice and Chinese mustard glaze on black rice with grilled pineapple, soy, scallion, nappa, red pepper, ginger and zucchini for $17. Not that you have to get Chinese pork; we’re just saying you can.

Sixteen [MenuPages]
Sixteen [Official Site]

Shikago [MenuPages]
Shikago [Official Site]

[Photo: and for dessert, Green Tea Shortbread with dark chocolate cremeux, caramelized banana, vanilla crème brulee and chocolate 5 spice ice cream, $8, wasabigelatine/flickr]


Sixteen @ Trump Lunch Launch Pushed Back to March 10th