Socialista Back in Business; 2nd Avenue Deli Still Delivers

Socialista, now rid of that pesky hepatitis-A problem, is once again hosting celebs like Sting and Josh Hartnett. [NYP]

Conflict-of-interest alert! The soon-to-be-new president of the Obesity Society had to step down after drawing criticism for his paid consultant work for the restaurant industry, for whom he produced a puzzling affidavit asserting that posting calorie info on menus could have a negative effect on obesity. [NYT]

Good news: The 2nd Avenue Deli still delivers anywhere in town. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch]

Gael Greene considered restaurants like Bar Boulud, Dovetail, and Bocca di Bacco before settling on Anthos as the best new restaurant that opened in the past year. [Insatiable Critic]
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More updates over at the Plaza: The Palm Court is now in soft-opening mode and has been renovated to include the original Beaux-Arts skylight, and the new Champagne Bar is now open in the lobby. [Zagat Buzz]

Against all odds, the glory that is Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop on Fifth Avenue lives on. [ Strong Buzz]

Socialista Back in Business; 2nd Avenue Deli Still Delivers