Reader + Bruno: Soul Food, Jerry’s Sandwiches

Our stars! Bruno posts a decidedly bad review for Jerry’s Sandwiches in Wicker Park, writing that “By actual count, Jerry’s menu has 106 sandwiches to choose from. And that just might be 76 too many,” and calling a chicken fried steak sandwich special “just plain awful.” He goes on to describe the chili as “terrible,” “greasy,” and “tasteless.” Wow. While he liked the fries and desserts, this is a pretty serious pan. Jerry, it’s time to reformulate.

An aside: Pat begins the article talking about how much we, Americans, love sandwiches. He writes “How easy is it to recall the first time a sandwich lit up your sky? A PB&J.; Fried bologna. Grilled cheese. Ham salad. And then as adults that perfect pastrami sandwich. Corned beef on rye. Reuben. Meatball. BLT. Club. Grinder. Sub. Cuban.” This reminds us how profoundly we differ from Bruno’s intended audience, since our sandwich chronology is virtually the reverse order. We are still waiting for our first ham salad sandwich, as soon as we can find someone white enough to prepare it for us.

Meanwhile, Mike Sula does a in-depth profile of Turner’s Family Dining & Soul Food, focusing especially on the family aspect. The story is very nice, but what we like best about this week’s Omnivorous is the extremely helpful, bordering on definitive, round-up of Chicago’s soul food restaurants. Good job, guys!

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[Photo: a ham salad sandwich from a supermarket in Fargo, ND. The horror. (We’d still eat it though) (entitee/flickr)]


Reader + Bruno: Soul Food, Jerry’s Sandwiches