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Psilakis Dismisses Rumor of Seafood Restaurant

Psilakis loves Milos! Don't get him wrong!
Psilakis loves Milos! Don’t get him wrong!

Gael Greene is reporting on Insatiable Critic that Michael Psilakis’s new restaurant, in the space formerly occupied by Kefi, will be a Greek seafood “dream restaurant” to be called M.P. (for Michael Psilakis or Market Price). Greene quotes a partner as saying, “We’ll have the same fish as Milos for one fifth the price.… We’re going to show what bullshit Milos’s prices are.” When we asked Psilakis about it, he denied the story. “It’s not true. That was a concept that we were thinking about. But it’s too close to Kefi to do that sort of thing, because the foods are too similar. It can’t be that, unfortunately.”

Short Order [Insatiable Critic]

Update, 2:08 p.m.: Michael Psilakis has written in to disavow any harsh words about Milos. His statement, after the jump.

Having just been alerted to an early morning post on Gael Greene’s blog, I would like to go on record to both chef/owner of Milos restaurant and the entire Greek restaurant community that these are not my words, thoughts or emotions. Milos restaurant is nothing less than one of the best fish restaurants in New York City. I have nothing but the highest amount of respect and admiration for the both the work that they are doing and the food they are preparing. Their constant, global search for the freshest possible ingredients has been the model that I have followed my entire career. They have and continue to be ambassadors of Greek food. They are pioneers in their genre of the culinary art and should be praised as such. Periyali, Molyvos and Milos have provided the people of New York insights into the culinary history of Greece without which I would have never been able to accomplish the success that I have achieved. I am embarrassed that anyone that I know would make such unfounded, disrespectful comments. I have often credited Gael as the first person to ever write about my food and a key catalyst in my move from Long Island to Manhattan, but I am hurt that she – knowing that humility defines my person – would write such words in association with my name. I apologize to all concerned. I am a cook that has wanted nothing more than to promote the glorious food of Greece. I do not, and will not, be associated with trash talking and gossip that has become an unfortunate part of the industry I love.

Michael Psilakis

Psilakis Dismisses Rumor of Seafood Restaurant