Potato Heads, Meet Your New Favorite Spot

If you're addicted to spuds...
If you’re addicted to spuds…

Totally Baked, a lunch spot specializing in fancy baked potatoes, is opening on Monday, and Urbandaddy has the scoop — or the dollop, if you will. Obviously the place is taking the S’MAC business model and running with it, right down to the manchego-cheese topping, but they’re offering something the mac-and-cheese emporium doesn’t offer — a high-ticket item meant to capture the imagination of newsletters like Urbandaddy! Says UD of the truffle-buttered, truffle-oiled, truffle-salted, and truffle-topped potato, “It’ll set you back $55, but that’s a small price to pay for the richest potato in town.” We can hear all of Ireland laughing.

Totally Baked, 8 W. 18th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 646-336-6118

Hot Potato [Urbandaddy]

Potato Heads, Meet Your New Favorite Spot