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After reading Cindy Lee’s Chronicle visit to Mum’s, we got very curious about the Japanese bar food shabu shabu. Kind of like a cross between clay pot cooking and fondu, the casual yet highly participatory dish involves diners cooking pieces of meat, vegetables and noodles themselves in a pre-heated pot of broth on the table. The food is washed down with crisp Japanese beer, sake or cocktails

But where to enjoy this boozy, brothy treat, aside from Mum’s, which was already crowded and will now be unpleasantly “NTB” this weekend, thanks to the Chron?

Well, MPSF consulted our ginormous database and found the stuff at two places downtown, one in the Sunset and, not surprisingly, seven in Marina/Heights, clustered around Japantown.

So yes, do go for shabu shabu in J-town this weekend, but know you have options. It’s not the kind of food that goes well with jostling.

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Shabu Search