Pink Grapefruit Letdown

Bad news in the follow-up to our Pink Grapefruit Mentos post yesterday: Candy Blog maven Cybele commented yesterday, and Mentos parent company Perfetti Van Melle confirmed in an e-mail today, that the pink pellets of grapefruit goodness are over and done for.

According to Jacqueline (no last name given) of PVM, “Pink Grapefruit was a limited time flavor and is no longer available.” Oh. Okay, then. It would appear that the time is right for moving on, however now that seems impossible. Now that it’s confirmed we’ll never get to taste this candy that received a “10” from Candy Blogs, and that our friend went on and on about Sunday, it is the one and only goal we have left in life.

So what are your/our chances of ever tasting this mystery candy? Well, slim, obviously. Cybele indicated the grapefruit may still be in production for the Indonesian citrus-mix Mentos. Meanwhile, a Google search turned up a store in San Francisco, Miette, that is tracking the issue.

“Yes we have carried them in the past and I’m trying to find them again,” says Miette Confisserie manager Kelly. “Currently, I’m searching for them. I’m trying to find a vendor.” Kelly said the candies moved well, but that if they must be imported in future, the price may jump. It might still happen, though. These Miette people are enthusiastic about their candy. “We’re in love with them. We’re obsessed with the grapefruit flavor. We make a macaroon [and a layer cake] with grapefruit flavor and we carry Haro gummies. They make a white and a pink grapefruit slices… We also carry Jelly Bellies’ pink grapefruit jelly beans.”

Well, if anybody can track down this mystery sweet, surely Kelly will. Meanwhile, it looks like this will be a chocolate-and-jelly-bean kind of Easter. Boring.

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Pink Grapefruit Letdown