Phillies Fans Are Big Eaters

How much food are Phillies fans expected to consume on opening day? The Illadelph found out:

On OPENING DAY, fans [at CBP] are expected to consume:

15,000 Hot Dogs
6,000 Soft Pretzels
5,000 Philadelphia Cheesesteaks
4,000 Pounds of French Fries
4,000 Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches
3,000 Slices of Pizza
3,000 Bags of Peanuts
2,000 Orders of Chicken Tenders
2,000 Bags of Cotton Candy
2,000 Bags of Popcorn
1,500 Ice Cream Helmet Cups
1,200 Orders of Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab Fries
1,100 Bull’s BBQ Sandwiches
1,000 Orders of Nachos
1,000 Hamburgers
800 Bags of Cracker Jack
700 The Schmitter sandwiches from McNally’s Tavern
500 Hoagies and Sandwiches from Planet Hoagie
400 Gallons of Ice Cream

Let us be the first to say… damn.

Breaking (Green Alert) [The Illadelph]


Phillies Fans Are Big Eaters