Philadelphia’s Worst Bars?

If Philadelphia Weekly chooses to list Philly’s 50 best bars, you’ve got to have a counterpoint. Enter local quizzo host-about-town Johnny Goodtime and his list of Philadelphia’s worst bars:

1. Fox and the Hound. A few years ago, Art and I made the mistake of watching a game there. They had country music playing instead of the game audio. We asked the bartender if they could turn the game volume on. The waitress said, “Oh we can never do anything like that without discussing it with corporate.” I’ve never been back. Terrible, terrible place to watch the game.

2. Kildare’s. Soul sucking faux bar for Jerseyites and Manayunkers on a big trip to the city. Then again, I hear they have a great quizzo.

3. Glam. I’ve never actually been in Glam, but I am 100% sure it is one of the worst bars in the city. I mean, it’s named Glam.

4. Fat Tuesday’s. Too bad Katrina didn’t wipe this place out.

5. Tiki Bob’s. When Jerseyites and Manayunkers wanna dance after a few Irish car bombs at Kildare’s, they hop in their Hummers and head here.

Worst Bars in the City [Johnny Goodtimes]

Philadelphia’s Worst Bars?