Padma Thinks Women Are More Sensitive in the Kitchen

Guess they couldn't get Colicchio.
Guess they couldn’t get Colicchio.

Page Six Magazine smacked Padma Lakshmi on its cover this weekend (no, she isn’t nude but for chocolate) and interviewed her at Artisanal, where she literally turned heads.

Terrance Brennan, owner and chef of Artisanal, stops by to chat. As he turns to leave, saying “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you,” he bumps into a wall. “Uh, there’s a wall there,” he sheepishly mutters.

Padma is compared in the opening paragraph to “Victoria Beckham on stilts” and “a good drag queen,” but even more disconcerting is her take on women coming up strong in this season’s Top Chef.

“This is my completely unscientific, personal, politically incorrect opinion, but I think that women have more sensitive palates, especially because of hormones. My sense of smell is quite strong — it’s why I’m a good cook.”

On the personal front, Padma’s demure about rumors that she’s dated IMG owner Ted Forstmann and venture capitalist Adam Dell (“I’m really enjoying my freedom”), and she’s not changing her bikini-and-fur getup anytime soon (“Of course I would have clothes of a certain type. I’m not going to dress like Mario Batali”). Phew. She also offers an eye into her workout routine — “I box three times a week, I jump rope, I roller skate” — but fails to mention that she hits the low-budget Dolphin Gym on Avenue B, or so we’ve heard. That’s right, Padma keeps it real, except her vision of her future sounds a little like a Greek symposium:

“There’s music, wine flowing, incense burning and friends are dropping by to have long rambling dinners into the night. Hopefully I will be a producer and a creator of many different things,’ she says. “Including babies!”

We’ll see if she doesn’t start dressing like Mario Batali when the bump starts showing.

Padma Thinks Women Are More Sensitive in the Kitchen