Old Forge Pizza

Located outside of Scranton, the small town of Old Forge is one of America’s great pizza meccas. CNN recently took a trip to the self-proclaimed “Pizza Capital of the World” to examine the local pizza:

Now, if you are thinking regular pizza, forget it. This is Old Forge pizza and all the cafés here make it. It’s not round, it’s rectangular and it’s “red” or “white.” Red is made with tomato sauce and cheese; white is cheese only, double crust, with olive oil and rosemary sprinkled on top, although they recently introduced a new version with broccoli. Old Forge also is famous for “black” pizza, my favorite. No tomato sauce. Just cheese, black pepper, olives and anchovies.

We’ve had the pizza at Old Forge’s Salerno’s and can confirm it’s damn good.

Dough rising in the pizza capital of the world [CNN]

[Image via Roadfood]


Old Forge Pizza