Momofuku Ko: a Dish-by-Dish Breakdown

Even Ko's crackling didn't make her giddy.
Even Ko’s crackling didn’t make her giddy. Photo: Courtesy of the Wandering Eater

Has any restaurant ever been more perfect for microscopic documentation than Momofuku Ko? The combination of exclusivity, originality, and general modness there is irresistible bait to food bloggers. The Wandering Eater’s Tina Wong provides the most detailed and nicely photographed re-telling yet of the Ko experience. Wong even tries not to get carried away and soberly examine each dish. She still does get carried away, but an English muffin spread with pork fat will do that to you.

Elation at Momofuku Ko [Wandering Eater]

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Momofuku Ko: a Dish-by-Dish Breakdown