Lunchtime Focus: City Hall

A post yesterday on SF-Lunch got us all nostalgic for the whirlwind days of reporting from City Hall. Those hours-long legislative hearings, chatting up supervisors in hopes they’ll drop the facade, standing around waiting for press conferences to start, listening to politicians gas on and on…

Wait, did we say whilwind? More like no wind. The most exciting time of day at City Hall is lunchtime. SF-Lunch highlighted a pretty decent taco truck at nearby Polk and Hayes, but when you’re there five days a week, you need options. Here are a few more decent lunches to tide you over through that long afternoon committee meeting:

Monday: you’re covered. Go to the taco truck. Or if you want to sit inside, you can hit up Taqueria El Castillito over on Golden Gate. These burritos are consistently strong, and the Quesadillas Castillitos can give you the hot grease injection you need to spring back to life after that public safety hearing this morning.

Tuesday: It’s time to bring it on home with an all-American deli sandwich. The best in the neighborhood, and one of the best in town, can be gotten at Quincy’s deli on Market St. Many aides and hall staffers go there, so you can often pick up some dirt in line. But you better get there early. There can be a wait and you’ve got a Board of Supervisors’ meeting at 2 p.m.

Wednesday: That middle of the week budgetary pinch doesn’t need to squeeze so hard if you get a Banh Mi. Both Wrap Delight and Saigon Sandwiches sell the ridiculously under-priced Vietnamese sandwiches a block away from one another for less than $3.00. You can even get chips and a soda and get change back for your $5 bill. Amazing.

Thursday: Okay, enough sandwiches. Time to pick up a pair of chopsticks. This is best done at Iron Wok , just down Market from Quincy’s. Good, hot Chinese food, inexpensive and decent table service and a nice atmosphere will do a lot to shorten the longest day of the week. Until you head back to that Planning Commission meeting, that is.

Friday: Okay, you made it through another week. You deserve a big ol’ burger and a cold beer. Maybe you can even get some information in the process if you invite a supervisor’s aide or two. Head over to Flipper’s in Hayes Valley. You can even sit on the patio. Take long enough and you might be able to talk yourself into skipping the rest of the afternoon.

Lunchtime Focus: City Hall