Locating The Top Chef Block Party: Ravenswood?

The other day, we asked if anyone had a sense of where Top Chef episode 3’s block party took place. Much to our surprise, someone actually took the time and energy to write in! Commenter and brilliant deductress Beth Berlin surmised the following:

I’m pretty sure the block party was in Ravenswood. I was trying to figure out where it was because it looked like a slightly more upscale “typical” Chicago neighborhood but still with a lot of houses and bungalows, but mostly all older houses; no new tall brick-y things. I think Richard called his paella “Richmond Ave. paella” at one point and that set off the lightbulb. Also, in the car Dale was saying there were passing a lot of Korean restaurants; there are lots of those in Albany Park, just north and west of Ravenswood, although they also showed them driving by Hard Rock and other River North spots, so who knows. My best assessment of where they were, though, is somewhere in Ravenswood, or just north or south of it.

Truly delightful. We don’t care if it’s right or not — we just like the process and attention to detail. (Although there’s no Richmond Street between Wilson and Bryn Mawr. Still!)

[Photo: tervaja/flickr]


Locating The Top Chef Block Party: Ravenswood?