Let Them Eat Donuts

Language like this from the Daily Candy, promoting a new vegan donut maker in Oakland, simultaneously makes our eyes roll and our mouth water:

When breakfast food becomes destructive, it is the right of Peoples Donuts to develop new recipes for a fluffy and moist cake donut, laying its foundation on such principles as colorful organic sprinkles and freedom from animal products.

We smile shamefacedly at a college stint with the IWW when such populist copy gets dumped into the mailbox, but it’s all the funnier when that militancy is about donuts. These proletariat treats now come in all colors including green, thanks to People’s Donuts’ use of organic ingredients and biodiesel delivery trucks.

And, dear Krsispy Kreme, watch your back because these look pretty damned good.

People’s Donuts [Main Site]

Let Them Eat Donuts