Let The ChiliBetting Begin!

As longtime readers know, we have an abiding fondness for the oasis of affordability in a sea of ridiculousness that is the Copley Place Chili’s Grill & Bar. Tragically, however, we learned today from a tipster that the restaurant has closed. (Insert moment of silence here.)

Now that we’ve all recovered from the sadness of a restaurant we never went to closing its doors, let’s look ahead. A call to the Simon Property Group, which operates Copley Place, revealed that, while the new tenant of the former Chili’s space will almost definitely be another restaurant, nothing is known about what sort of restaurant it might be. We will, personally, die of shock if its anything other than a steakhouse or maybe, maybe a high-end, high-concept Italian restaurant.

What do you think? Are we doomed to yet another steakhouse or will the Chili’s get an all-new dining concept? What would you actually like to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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[Photo: Christina O. Lee]

Let The ChiliBetting Begin!