Is Union Square A Burrito Desert?

Remember when we got all fascinated with Burritoeater’s relatively high 8.42-mustache review of Herbert’s Mexican Grill in the Herbert Hotel at Union Square? Well, this month’s issue of that site’s Intestinal Apocalypse newsletter includes just a hint of the scads of blow-back we expect Charles Burritoeater to be getting:

“You’ve lost serious credibility with me by giving that new place off Union Square, Herbert’s, a positive review. I could deal with your recent love for La Salsa Downtown, because I don’t actually think their slabs are lame. But Herbert’s? That’s like eating a Hydrox cookie in a city full of Oreos.”

Maybe. We’re just as suspicious of the place, no matter what a highly respected burrito expert says. But, then, where does one go for a burrito around those parts?

Good question. According to Burritoeater, Andale is the only place outside Herbert’s that even edges into 8-mustache territory, with a straight 8.0 average.

Further up Market Street you’ll find the non-Mission outpost of Taqueria Cancun. It’s small and kind of scummy, but it is, bar-none, the best burrito you can get downtown. Note: the link here is to the Mission location with the same menu. Look for a dedicated Market Street listing here within the next couple days.

Also, there are two outposts of El Faro , which serves good, if unorthodox burritos, smothered in the juice from the meats that fill them. Neither is right on Union Square, but if you’re eating this many burritos, you need a bit of a walk, anyway.

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Photo Credit: Burritoeater

Is Union Square A Burrito Desert?