Is That Clam Anatomically Correct?

It didn’t occur to us until seeing the below video that we’ve actually eaten this creature:

But we have and it was pretty good. On the plate it looked a bit like this (the white ones on the left):

It’s called geoduck (pronounced gooey duck), but was listed on the menu as “giant clam,” which we pictured looking more like this:

But of course that’s something altogether different. Want to know how they turn that phallic mollusk into a pretty piece of sushi or sashimi? Serious Eats pulled this video from the Discovery Channel. We love Mike Rowe:

In Videos: Preparing Geoduck on Dirty Jobs
[Required Eating]

Geoduck in tank: Bee [Flickr]
Geoduck sushi: Mike Yung [Flickr]
Giant Clam:

Is That Clam Anatomically Correct?