Hot Menu Analysis: New Restaurants Doing Relatively Well

When a restaurant first shows up on MenuPages, its popularity will often spike past the regular strong performers as people search for what they’re reading about in the papers and on the blogs and what have you. But, say, two to six months in, if a place is still showing up in the top ten, it means it’s got some legs.

And so, we salute:

Brasserie Ruhlmann, in 1st place Downtown! It’s a definitely a big-name restaurant, but such a distinction was not preordained; they earned it with their consistently delicious and innovative French fare

Crisp, in 3rd place on the North Side. Impressive for a little, insider-y Korean fried chicken place, no?

The Balanced Kitchen, tied for 3rd on the Northwest Side. It’s way the hell out there in North Park, and it’s vegan, but never discount those niche clickers!

[Photo: Raw Plate (organic raw cashews made into cheese; served with flax seed crackers; and an assortment of dehydrated fruits & vegetables) at The Balanced Kitchen]


Hot Menu Analysis: New Restaurants Doing Relatively Well