Foodie Fight!

So… We have a made-up word with some of our friends back in Oakland. It’s “hangry,” and it’s a contraction of “hungry” and “angry” that describes the state in which you find yourself, for example, after a long day when you’ve waited too long to have dinner. All of a sudden you catch yourself answering the phrase, “honey, how was your day,” with, “It was f*cking fine, now back the f*ck off,” and stomping into the kitchen where you eat something and suddenly you’re all kisses and “I missed you dear”s.

Wonder if people took Michael Pollan’s dogma of “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” a bit too far and made themselves hangry for his talk at Stanford last night. SFist is reporting a scuffle between an old hippy and a yuppy who reportedly didn’t offer an old man the seat he was saving for his mom:

Things got good when sunglasses were grabbed, and Stanford students intervened.

Too, too secret-smile-making.

Spotted! [SFist]

Foodie Fight!